Volume 37, Issue 1

July 1, 2023

Story #1

Majority of California's Beaches Could Be Lost by 2100, New Study Says

Story #2

State Revises Beaver Policy in Hopes of Improving Watershed Health

Story #3

Greater Sage Grouse Made a Candidate for Species Protections

Story #4

City of San Diego to Pay $4.6 Million over Sewage Spill

Story #5

9th Circuit Dissolves Injunction Blocking Logging in Idaho National Forests

Story #6

Appellate Court Tosses Out CEQA Fight over UC Berkeley Development

Story #7

9th Circuit Rejects Critical Habitat Designations for Jaguars

Story #8

Court Issues Modified Ruling in Fight over Sewage Plants’ Alleged Water Waste

Story #9

State May Review Rules Governing Use of Rodenticide Diphacinone

Story #10

OEHHA Has Rejected Listing Antimony (Trivalent Compounds) Under Prop. 65

Story #11

OEHHA Proposes Listing Three Chemicals Under Prop. 65

Story #12

State Water Board Formally Moves to Adopt Hexavalent Chromium Drinking Water Rule