CARB Adopts Major Rule to Cut Air Pollution from Trains
South Coast Air District Sues EPA, Asks Feds to Play Bigger Role in Cutting Smog
U.S. Supreme Court Sends California Climate Change Cases to State Court
Appellate Court Supports OEHHA's Perchlorate Drinking Water Goal
OEHHA Lists 1,1,1-Trichloroethane and Leucomalachite Green under Prop. 65
Zero-Emission Trucks In, Gasoline Trucks Out in Pioneering New State Regulation
California Signs Climate Change Cooperation Pact with Mexico City
Tesoro Hit with $27.5 Million Fine over Martinez Refinery Emissions
Oakland A's Stadium Project EIR Passes Muster, Appellate Court Rules
DTSC Proposes Designating Microplastics and PPD Derivatives as Candidate Chemicals
Roger Pearson Retires after 36 years with CEI Today
State Issues Progress Report on Far-Reaching Efforts to Adapt to Climate Change
Officials Set Top Priorities for Providing Wildlife Crossings Around State
EPA Fines Valero $1.2 Million over Flaring and Safety Issues at Benicia Refinery
9th Circuit Faults NEPA Review of Hollywood Burbank Airport Project
State Appellate Court Upholds Water Quality Rules for Central Valley Farms
Assembly Speaker Appoints Justin Cummings to California Coastal Commission
L.A. Regional Water Board Hires New Executive Officer
OEHHA Recommends Tighter Air Emissions Guidelines for Ethylene Oxide
State Wildlife Officials Promise More Help for Dwindling Clear Lake Fish
L.A. Water Board Floats Largest Ever Fine Over Hyperion Plant Sewage Spill
DTSC Issues Draft Strategic Plan for Agency Enforcement Efforts
Coastal Act Suit Over Intimidation at Palos Verdes Beach Can Proceed, Court Rules
Appellate Court Rejects CEQA Challenge to Pacific Palisades Senior Housing Project
OEHHA Moves to Lower Safe Harbor Level for Ethylene Oxide under Prop. 65
U.S. EPA Greenlights California's Zero-Emission Heavy-Duty Truck Rule
Bay Area Air District Sets First-Ever Ban on Natural Gas Water Heaters and Furnaces
State and Federal Agencies Launch Effort to Support Monarchs, Other Pollinators
Court Orders Company to Pay $65 Million over Santa Barbara County Oil Spills
Attorney General, Counties Reach $1.7 Settlement Over Gas Station Storage Tanks